STATUS: regular and emergency closed

Hi, my name is Val. I am a freelance artist/illustrator.
I make art featuring monsters & men, as well as BL & NSFW themes.
If you have any inquiries regarding commission please contact me via links below
(I recommend Discord for fast response.)


  • I have a very wide acceptance regarding subject matters and themes in art so feel free to pitch me your idea. The only real limitation is my skills.

  • I will automatically refuse offer to paint underage/kids in sexual themes.

  • I will put the final art into my own portfolio by crediting you (and/or its respective owner) as the owner of the characters, if you want to remain anonymous you can do so by informing me during your first inquiry.

  • My commission is a digital product, it is an image in digital form. By commissioning me, you understand that there will be no physical product sent to you when the commission is finalized. What you will get is a zip file containing the commission image file (hi-res flatten .png), a thank you image file, and a license note file.

  • This commission is for PERSONAL USE only. You cannot sell commissioned work in any form (physical & digital) to gain profit.

  • As a commissioner you have the right to repost any art you commissioned from me with credits.

  • Commission queue and progress can be accessed publicly via "Queue" button.

  • To make it easy you can copy an example format below for your first inquiry:

Your name: (I accept alias, or anonymous if you want to remain anonymous).
Your email address: (working email address please because I will send invoice and your commission file to this address).
Type of commission: (choose one. If needed, please specify: COLOR / BLACK, HALF / BUST).
Character(s) name: (please specify which one is which if you order more than one character per image)
Idea description: (please make it short but clear, you can also share pose or mood references here if you have).
Character(s) visual references: (could be a link to a gallery, attachments, or straight out images. Any inquiry without clear visual references, I consider a character design type.)


  • Prices are in US$, emergency commission prices are only applicable when the emergency slot is open. Please check the status above to see which commission is open.

  • I only accept Paypal as payment. Prices does not include Paypal fee.

  • I will send you an invoice after the agreed conditions. DO NOT send me money before you receive my invoice.

  • Payment must be paid in full for projects under $100 otherwise I will not start working on your commission. Sent payment is non-refundable unless special occasions occur.


Benefits are eligible for returning and regular clients with the sum of purchase are over $1000. Benefits are also eligible for special clients (e.g. extremely patient clients). I will inform you if you have benefits available. You can also check your current available benefits via the "Queue" button.Benefits included:

  1. Freebie: 1 (One) Basic solo type drawing commission. For personal use only. Once only.

  2. Discount: 10% discount on any future Drawing commission and 25% discount on any future Painting commission. (Available for regular customers only)

By sending me an inquiry it means you have read every information in this page therefore understand and agreed to comply to my terms of service.

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